Wearing: Top from Mango, Pants from Mango, Boots from Payless

Who would've thought that by 2013 I'd be buying crazy statement pants or leggings? I currently own four and to be honest, I'm having a hard time styling them— even wearing them outside! I often want to blend in and be mundane (Mortal Instruments reference? Haha) but purchasing a handful of crazy statement bottoms? Yeah, that's definitely bound to change!

Also, I finally had the guts to take outfit photos outside our house! It was a bit weird at first but when none of our neighbors were stopping by to stare at me or to ask questions, I started to feel more comfortable. Shooting outside with natural light is definitely easier (and better!) than shooting inside and having to change my camera's settings so often.

PS. If you know which song the title is from then four for you!


  1. Those boots and pants are beyond cool xx

  2. so cute :) love the trousers x

  3. Love this outfit, the pants are amazing!! Following you now!! :-)

    XX Saskia

  4. Love your blog! Your outfits are really cute :) Followed you <3